Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh my where does the time go?

Oh wow, I can not believe it has been over a year since I last blogged about my family happenings! I can blame facebook for that right? Well it is Christmas break and I have all the time in the world now days! Where to start? Our Christmas was over before I even realized it began! Anyone else feel that way? I think because of school finals and studying so much that I did not have time to get to my shopping until school break it through everything off tract. Don't get me wrong I think we all had a great Christmas this year! The girls made out like thiefs! Sophia got a Kindle fire HD, caboodle full of nail polish, caboodle full of makeup and brushes and a manicure lap desk. Michaela got a pair of boots, pants, shirts, and dresses that she wanted oh and the all famous blue jean jacket! I got my Christmas present about 6 months early this past summer in the form of a new car my Ford Edge and I LOVE IT! The only sadness this Christmas brought was that Matt had to return to work the very next day! and not only that but me and Michaela woke up Christmas morning with a terrible head cold! :( I past all my 1st level nursing classes and now I will be moving on to my level 2 classes starting January 14th. If all goes well I will be walking the stage in August of this year! WOO HOO.. and it was a crazy ride with more to come! I must confess never been scared in my life until the day I took those finals and we almost had to wait a week for our grades! It was the longest week of my life! Micheala is doing good in school she is enjoying theater arts and drama and has made it to UIL for Theater Arts for Sound she is super excited and I pray she does well! Michaela loves her time in Young Women and with the youth activities at church! Sophia is doing great in school and she is envolved with the schools gymnastic team and track team. She is not really the fastest runner but I am proud for the fact that she is sticking with it! Both girls are still envolved with Girl Scouts! Matt is doing well, just stays really busy with work and during his off time enjoys watching football and other sports! Well that is about it for now! Hope you enjoyed catching up with us Clingers!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cheerleader in the House!

Well Texas High School football is in full swing! That means in the small town of Crosby we have Friday night lights. Last Friday Sophia got to cheer with the High School cheerleaders, she was over the top excited! For three days prior the cheerleaders came to Sophia's school at the end of the day and they had a mini cheer camp for then they got to cheer the first quarter of the game. She was soo cute, made me cry thinking that someday she could be one of the High School cheerleaders setting a good example for the little kids of our town! While this was going on Michaela is hanging with her friends (hence no pictures of her to be found :(( ) Matt is enjoying our season seats that we decided to purchase for our family activities on Friday Nights. We have seats on the 1st and 2nd row on the 50 yard line.. Yes, this makes my football lovin' husband ecstatic! Also with Sophia she is cheering for the Crosby Little League Football players and seeing all the girls on the field in their uniforms are adorable and they are having a blast!! GOOO BIG RED!!! This coming week we have Homecoming and ONLY Texas does it big! I am making the girls homecoming mums for school. Michaela is dancing in the parade with her dance team at school, afterwards we go to the game. I will post pictures afterwards! Til then thank you for reading up on our family!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Okay so not really right? HAHA.. It is a Garden Snake but still!!.. So yesterday as I was going to turn off the water in the front lawn (required by mandatory water restrictions) I open the front door and I see this 'friend' reared straight up on his end in the air.. I screamed and I swear they could hear me at the end of the street.. slammed the door and ran and grabbed my camera (cause Matt does not believe me when I tell him we have snakes in our jungle), by the time I open the door again it is gone. I tip toe out the door and go trak it down it went into my flower bed along the house. I was going to get a picture and as soon as I clicked the button my friend rears up again and took off (and they can move fast!) He slithered to my front door and I took the picture (yes please don't mention I need to bleach wash my front door cause I already know!) after I took the picture there is a space between my door frame and sidewalk cement and he snuck inside the hole so NOW it is in the frame of my HOUSE! HOLY COW.. Needless to say the moth balls came out and are scattered all over!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here we go again!

Oh my where do I start? LOL.. It was an extremely looonngg summer, but we finally made it through and we are off to a new and exciting start to school. I think we all woke up to a rough start this morning.. I am chalking it up to just plain ole' nerves. The girls were grouchy and crabby with one another, but once we got over the initial drama things calmed down quiet a bit. I think only the moms that have two girls close in age (like 2 years apart) can relate to my emotional turmoil and all the hormones floating about! Below are the only "decent" pictures I was able to capture this morning - which is really how we all felt at the time I took them. They are not soo comparable to the cute ones my friends have posted all over facebook, but hey I'll take what I can get!LOL.. This year Michaela made it to the GT/Challenge class for 6th grade her homeroom teacher is D. Williams, then for math she has Ms. Smith (who is also the dance teacher), Ms. Kettlecamp for reading. In the class she has about 5 of her bestie friends (yep I'm feeling for the teacher on this one!) Sophia made it to the GT class for the first time this year (I am SOO excited and I am one proud proud momma!) She is in Ms. Murrin's homeroom with Ms. Duda as her switch teacher! They seem both nice and after last years fiasco we need some nice teachers for Sophia!. In Sophia's class she is in there with one other girl she knows, Jazz. In the switch class is 2 of her good friends Halley and Nadya! So I think we are off to an awesome start!! I can't wait to see what the year holds for us!

Here we go again!

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