Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh my where does the time go?

Oh wow, I can not believe it has been over a year since I last blogged about my family happenings! I can blame facebook for that right? Well it is Christmas break and I have all the time in the world now days! Where to start? Our Christmas was over before I even realized it began! Anyone else feel that way? I think because of school finals and studying so much that I did not have time to get to my shopping until school break it through everything off tract. Don't get me wrong I think we all had a great Christmas this year! The girls made out like thiefs! Sophia got a Kindle fire HD, caboodle full of nail polish, caboodle full of makeup and brushes and a manicure lap desk. Michaela got a pair of boots, pants, shirts, and dresses that she wanted oh and the all famous blue jean jacket! I got my Christmas present about 6 months early this past summer in the form of a new car my Ford Edge and I LOVE IT! The only sadness this Christmas brought was that Matt had to return to work the very next day! and not only that but me and Michaela woke up Christmas morning with a terrible head cold! :( I past all my 1st level nursing classes and now I will be moving on to my level 2 classes starting January 14th. If all goes well I will be walking the stage in August of this year! WOO HOO.. and it was a crazy ride with more to come! I must confess never been scared in my life until the day I took those finals and we almost had to wait a week for our grades! It was the longest week of my life! Micheala is doing good in school she is enjoying theater arts and drama and has made it to UIL for Theater Arts for Sound she is super excited and I pray she does well! Michaela loves her time in Young Women and with the youth activities at church! Sophia is doing great in school and she is envolved with the schools gymnastic team and track team. She is not really the fastest runner but I am proud for the fact that she is sticking with it! Both girls are still envolved with Girl Scouts! Matt is doing well, just stays really busy with work and during his off time enjoys watching football and other sports! Well that is about it for now! Hope you enjoyed catching up with us Clingers!

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